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centadpt.jpg (8174 bytes) MA201 Centurion adaptor plate

The image shows the adaptor plate from both sides plus the smaller detail pieces.

The smaller details include 2 soviet style towing hooks, plus two more detailed cable holders each with two pieces.

Grab your IDF Centurion or Puma,  add the adaptor plate and then the Academy mine rollers.

m113g5.jpg (18145 bytes) MA202 M113 Gun shields.

This image shows the major components including the three piece commander's shield and the rear troop compartment side shields. 

The conversion comes with clear resin "glass" blocks, locking frames and wing nuts.

This conversion is the only one on the market that has correct mounted plates for the rear side mounted shields.

The smaller parts are cast with minimal resin blocks and where possible the thinnest web between parts.

typea.jpg (5310 bytes)typeaa.jpg (2724 bytes) MA101 Centurion 20 pounder type A barrel. 

All the Centurion barrel are cast around a metal rod to stop "resin droop".

The lower images shows the Tamiya 20 pounder and a final painted 20 pounder type A.

typeb.jpg (5086 bytes)typebb.jpg (3145 bytes) MA102 Centurion 20 pounder type B barrel. 

MA102 comes with a one piece barrel and three counterweights.

What is not shown are the three small counterweights that are welded to the top of the bore evacuator.

The lower images shows the master and a final Type B with counterweights and painted

typeal.jpg (3642 bytes) MA103 Centurion 20 pounder Type A late barrel.

This is a 20 pounder type A barrel with a counter weight as used in upgraded Centurions with the .50 inch calibre ranging machine gun, which brings it up to Mk.5 standards.  Most Centurions by this stage were fitted with the type B barrel as part of the upgrade but some were not.


MA301 M113 accuraised  fuel tank (2).

The fuel tank in the Academy M113A1/A2 kits is significantly longer that it should be.  Tamiya has included an integral fuel tank in all of its M113 variants.  The integral fuel tank was replaced by a strapped in version to get over fuel tank leakage problems.  So, if you are building all but the earliest M113s you need an accurate fuel tank.   2 per packet. 

The dimensions for this fuel tank is based on Australian M113A1 fuel tanks.

m113fuel.jpg (11797 bytes)

MA302 Plastic water jerrycans (10) Australian pattern

These plastic water jerrycans have been in use by the Australian Army since at least 1968.  Ideal for mounting in angle iron and strip metal frames on board Australian M113A1s, in turret baskets and as an accessories in dioramas.  Now significantly improved.


MA303 Plastic jerrycan in vehicle holders (10) Australian pattern

These plastic jerrycans in their vehicle holders can be attached to a variety of Australian Army armoured vehicles , particularly M113A1s.  An example is the AFV Club medium reconnaissance vehicle, which late in its life generally had one jerrycan mounted on each side of the rear turret stowage bin. The 10 jerrycans comes with an instruction sheet that shows how these jerrycans are fitted to various Australian LRVs and APCs.

More releases are in the pipeline.  For prices please check the catalogue.

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