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Aussie Armour Kits and resin conversions.

A completed Light Recce vehicle (LRV) and an ARVL using Aussie Armour conversion sets painted in three tone Auscam.

AA354 Radio installation for M113A1s

The image shows the radios installed in the M113A1 on the left side of the hull.  The image shows an AN/GRC125 (left),  radio transmitter RT524 / VRC (right) and below the shelf is an AM1780/ VRC (aka GOD BOX).  Also included in the set are several C2296 intercom boxes and antennae bases.


AA355 Aussie Armour 1/35 scale Leopard AS1 resin conversion

What you get in the pack:

  • Two large and one smaller side stowage bin
  • Left hand turret rangefinder blanking part
  • Wind sensor
  • Periscopes and other minor turret top bits
  • Aerial bases (2)
  • Plastic jerry cans (2)
  • Rear turret stowage basket with supplies in place
  • glacis plate mounted track cleats

For an as delivered Leopard AS1 simply do not attach the single turret stowage basket

AA357 Australian Packs and Pouches

The set comes with two types of (5 total) packs plus 6 pouches of three types (pouch types shown) plus two water canteens.


AA358 Land Rover series 3 conversion for Italeri model

AA359 Complete kit of GS trailer. 

This trailer was used in Vietnam during the 1960s up until the early 2000s.

AA3511 105mm L118 / L119 "Hamel" gun complete kit. The images show the parts layout and a couple of views of an assembled model



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