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A site dedicated to the research and modelling Australian and Israeli military vehicles

How to order

  • select your products
  • email us for confirmation of availability and postage
  • once you receive our answer
  • send payment via post/email/PAYPAL
  • all overseas parcels delivered by airmail
  • we charge your credit card the same day as we mail the parcel
  • Once confirmation received that payment has been made via Paypal the parcel will be mailed next day.

Other information that may help ordering
Distributors -
local and overseas distributors of Mouse House Enterprises Australia books
Catalogue -
a complete list of products and costs

Products with postage included.
The books sold generally include airmail postage for overseas and local postage for Australia.  In these cases if you are only buying books you know exactly how much your order will be.  Payment by credit card or PAYPAL is the best way.

Products without postage included or combinations of postage included and not.
Should you wish to purchase some of the books as well as other items that do not include postage, you will need to contact us to confirm how much extra postage is required.  Send us a list of product s plus quantities and we will come back with a total cost.  These products will be put aside for you pending payment.

We will not charge your credit card without your agreement to the total charge.

When sending credit card details by email send the required data (card name, card number and expiry date) broken up over two separate emails GIVING US HALF THE INFORMATION IN EACH EMAIL.  Your can contact us as follows

Updated February 2018

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