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A guide to calculate postage

Updated June 2014

 ALL overseas parcels and books will be sent by airmail unless you request a quicker method.  Australia to UK = 10 days.

  • are you buying a book? - airmail for overseas postage is included in the catalogue price or listed separately
  • are you buying a book and live locally -  if so  local Australian postage is included.
  • if you are ordering other "non postage included" items then you need to add postage - see below


General rule - We will charge you the minimum postage necessary for all orders.  If the item can be sent as a letter (decals and flat items) we will do this.

Postage rates go up
Australia Post has advised that postage rates will go up on 22 October 2012.

Postage calculator

Products with postage included.
The books advertised in the catalogue include airmail postage for overseas and local postage for Australia.  In these cases if you are only buying books you know exactly how much your order will be.  Payment by credit card or bank draft is the best way (see "How to pay")  Bank drafts should be made in Australian dollars drawn on an Australian bank and made out to Mouse House Enterprises.

Products without postage included or combinations of postage included and not.
Should you wish to purchase some of the books as well as other items that do not include postage, you will need to calculate 10% of the non postage included items and add the minimum postage or 10% which ever is the greater. 

We can do the calculation for you.
Send us a list of products plus quantities and we will come back with a total cost.  These products will be put aside for you pending payment.
Ordered items will be held aside for  7 days only,  before being returned to stock.

We will not charge your credit card without your agreement to the total charge. 
Your credit card will only be charged on the day the items are mailed to you.

Suggestion - sending credit card details by email
When sending credit card details by email send the required data (card name, card number and expiry date) broken up over two separate emails.  That is your address, the first 8 numbers in email 1 and the second eight numbers and the expiry in email 2.    For American express we will also need your 4 digit authority number.

Your can also contact us as follows

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